Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Kaikai tapiok na slip

From: Joyce Kuri

Digicel pomotion is kamap na boi ros i ringim missus long nupla namba blong em. Missus i ansa na tok 'i love my digicel'. Boi ros kirap bekim: 'Congratulations you just won my tapiok'. Missus bel kaskas na tok: 'Yu harem, mi sore long yu yah, avinun yu kam long haus bai nogat kaikai, yu bai kaikai tapiok blo yu yet na slip'!!


  1. hi martin,ive been working on a childrens story about the beehives in rabaul.would you be interested in helping me put it on your blog,cheers byron the way its a short story.

  2. Hi, I enjoy reading the jokes here and I'd like to contribute.
    How do I send my jokes or post them here.