A call to disarm

Bipo yet long FaceBook mi bin raitim olsem:

Em ples blong tok pilai tasol. Nogat rul nogat rong. Yu laik laf orait yu kam insait na ridim ol jokes. O yu toromoi sampela i kam na bai mipela i lap tu.

Wanpela liklik tok save tasol:

Em in mo Facebook, tasol stil em internet! Ino gat gutpela kontrol long "privacy" na "copyright" na long protection long rait bilong yu oli bagarapim, o, long rait bilong narapela manmeri we yu bagarapim ol.

Yu kam long hia yu laik raitim stori, o tok pilai, em yu yet mas skelim gut na mekim. Mi yet mi stap na bai mi traim long lukautim yu.

Sampela taim bai mi rausim stori blo yu o tok pilai blo yu sapos mi pilim olsem yu abrusim skel liklik long wei yu toromoi ol toktok. Mi ting olsem bai mi no nap mekim dispela, tasol mi stap na bai mi traim long lukautim yumi olgeta.

Yu meri o man yu laik raitim tokpilai - em yu yet yu save, husat ol tambu, susa, o brata blo yu istap long Facebook na tu instait long grup bilong yumi. Orait yu yet bai yu soim rispekt na bai yu skelim ol toktok yu toromoi.

Yumi Papua New Guinea, tok pilai em i save bungim yumi olsem wan pipol, wan femili, ol brata na ol susa. Yumi no ken lusim tok pilai na lap bilong yumi. Yumi stap.

Wanbel stap.

Mi tasol brata blo yu Martin.


In English: The Tok Pisin jokes and stories on this group's posts will not be translated into English here. This is because some Tok Pisin expletives and mild curses do not really carry the same force as the English originals. 'Blari', 'baga' and 'bagarap' for example are quite normal Tok Pisin expressions. But were they to be spelt in English here - they would become immediately offensive. So if a learner or re-learner of Tok Pisin requests, I can send you an English translation into your inbox if I find the time. If not ask another member who understands the meaning of a story to explain the finer points to you.

I'd like this site to be also helpful to those Papua New Guineans, Ni Vanuatu and Solomon Islanders who may be losing their Tok Pisin or Bislama skills. It's up to all of us..!