Thursday, 14 July 2011

Using "Readers" to Keep Up-to-Date with Blogs and Sites

Google Reader illustration
I have received many queries from people who would like to receive alerts to new joke posts from "Tok Pisin Jokes - PNG". For those wishing to receive instant updates from the blog, one quite convenient way is to use a "Reader".

Web Based Readers
Other Readers

Setting up a reader means that you can have access to all your favourite blogs and websites in one "inbox". That's supposed to save us surfing time - but as the web is addictive... in any case the convenience warrants the setting up of a reader.

We're talking about RSS   or: Really Simple Syndication, a standardised system for the distribution of content, especially news, blogs and podcasts of music and videos, from online publishers to Internet users.

Personally, I use Google Reader to organise all the blogs and websites that I subscribe to on the one page.

Once you have your reader set up you can come to this blog and look for the subscribers options:

 RSS options for this blog
This video explains a way to send RSS feeds directly to your selected web reader inbox. And another one from Google Reader

Please do look for our RSS feed and subscribe to "Tok Pisin Jokes - PNG" to receive our updates. 

About Subscribing by email:

Usually, to protect the rights of individuals to freedom from the reception of spam emails, bloggers should not be allowed to automatically enter emails of blog recipients. Emails should be entered by the subscribers themselves.

Otherwise, Enjoy...!

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